JAMBO! I am so excited because I received my itinerary for the Disney College Program today and will be working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!! I am SO excited. I literally jumped up, started running, tripped, and fell into a wall out of excitement and adrenaline when I read it. I’ll be working park arrival merchandise, which from what I’ve heard could potentially include stroller/ECV rental, carts, some small shops, the shop outside of DAK (the abbreviation for Animal Kingdom), and a photo store. I could not be happier with my location. Animal Kingdom was my first choice because I adore all animals and the park, in general, is just so beautiful.

I actually haven’t spent much time in DAK before, and am really looking forward to getting to know the park better through work. Who wouldn’t want to work with a view of giraffes every day? I’m really pumped to see Pandora too because I haven’t been since it opened and have heard nothing but incredible things.

Within my itinerary, I also found out I will be living in The Commons which was my first choice apartment complex. It’s the only complex with a washer and dryer in the rooms, so I am so thankful for that! All of the girls I linked up with to be roommates got Commons as well, so fingers crossed that means we will be sharing an apartment. I move in at 10 am on Monday morning!

I’m honestly so stoked for this experience. God has been SO good thus far, and I know he’s got great things in store. I can’t wait for all the people God’s going to bring me to meet, lessons to be learned, and all the ways I’ll be grown into the person I’m meant to be.


❤ / Bailey

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