The Bright Spot: February 2017 

Now that I don’t feel like complete death (just slightly dead inside now) thanks to the flu I have decided I want to start a monthly list of things that have made me smile and brightened my month called “The Bright Spot!” It’s basically my favorites from the past month. Certain things can turn your month in to a complete positive when you look back at it. I thought it would be nice to share some things that I have been loving or just things from the month that were particularly positives. I am hoping this will inspire you to either discover new things or notice things already in front of you that you love and make you happy!

1. Spring Weather

One of my favorite things to do is roll down the windows of my Chevrolet Malibu and drive around with my music blasting when the weather is nice. This month seemed to produce some really nice days to do just that! I felt myself wanting to go outside more, I got to break out my sandals, and beautiful trees and flowers seem to have begun blooming. I love when it snows but something about this Spring just seems to be getting me really excited!

2. Makeup

I may have had a little splurge in February when it came to the makeup department, but when you have a 20 % off coupon for Ulta and Colourpop offers free shipping it is hard to resist. I’m going to talk through a few makeup products I discovered, and have been loving, this month.

– First is Colourpop Lippie Stix and Super Shock Highlighters. This makeup brand has changed my life! It is quality makeup that is extremely affordable. What isn’t there to love? They’re lippie stix are extremely long lasting and not super drying and they have so many gorgeous color choices! I have about 6 of them and am slowly making my way to owning every shade. They just came out with a creme formula nude lippie stix which I really want to try! Visit Colourpop’s website!

– Second to mention is Real Techniques makeup brushes. I discovered Real Techinques at a recent Ulta visit and in the words of DJ Tanner from Full House, “oh my lanta!” I got the expert face blush for base and it is fantastic. Super soft and does a great job! 

– Third and last in the makeup category is Benefit’s POREfessional. This stuff has been a real life changer. If there’s one thing I have it’s huge pores on my nose and this product does an excellent job of blurring them and also works as a great primer! 

3. Hats

I have always loved the idea of floppy hats. I think they are adorable and when you don’t feel like doing your hair they’re a great way to hide it while looking cute! However, I never though they were for me because I have really big curly hair and not to mention a pretty big head. I decided to go ahead and buy one anyway and I LOVE it. It’s been a lifesaver on days that I’ve felt poorly and just haven’t felt like dealing with my hair. 

This one I got from Charming Charlie at the Mall of Johnson City. Wearing it with a choker (also from CC) gave me a cool “American Horror Story Coven” vibe in the words of my wonderful coworker! 

4. Maurice’s Spring Clothes

When I walked in to Maurice’s a couple of weeks ago and saw all of their Spring clothes I was overjoyed. They had so many things that I loved and I may have went a little crazy. I just can’t resist a nice olive green or blush pink clothing item! They’re a store I’ve always loved and I have to say their new Spring clothes for 2017 exceeded all my expectations. I definitely recommend you checking them out in store or Online! 
What were some things that made your February more positive? 

I hope you all had a wonderful February, and to my fellow ETSU students enjoy Spring Break!!




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