Alive in Faith

I figured since this blog is all about my positiveness it might be beneficial to talk about where it all comes from. To do that would basically be doing something I have never really done, which is giving my testimony. I don’t talk openly about my faith as much as I probably should and for some reason the word testimony kind of scares me. Being a Christian is who I am, but I don’t want people to know that because I constantly say it or where crosses all over my body (not saying that’s a bad thing) I want people to know because they can see it in me through how I act and live out my life. That being said, I still think a testimony is a very positive thing so here goes nothing.

I grew up in a Christian family. My mom grew up in the Baptist church and my dad in the Methodist. We would go to church here and there and it was always a special. When we moved to Tennessee we began church hopping trying to find a church to call home. We tried different places for a couple years and then landed at a place called First Christian Church. One of my friends from school at the time invited me there for bring a friend day and we have been there ever since.

I was pretty active in the elementary group which at the time was referred to as KidsTime. I went almost every Sunday morning and Wednesday night then made the decision to get baptized when I was in fifth grade. Then I got to middle school and things got a little shaky. I was really shy in middle school and Youth Group was something that terrified me. A lot of my friends that I had at church in elementary school I wasn’t very close with anymore and I felt kind of alone. To add on top of that this is also the time when my uncle passed away which left me feeling unsure, sad, and questioning God and why he would do this.

From then on I was periodically going to Youth Group throughout middle and high school but never really consistently. Honestly it didn’t leave me in a super great place and I spent a lot of the time feeling a bit lost and down. Everything changed my senior year of high-school. My mom started working at First Christian Church so I spent a lot of time there. I began to get more comfortable with the community there and started branching out more.

I was then asked to come and join a team at ALIVE Worship Service which was a relatively new service at FCC. It is a dynamic worship service with loud music, bright lights, and a lot of loving people. I walked in on the first Sunday morning and was instantly greeted by everyone in the room and felt like people actually cared and wanted to get to know me. I have never met a nicer group of people in my life! I started serving on the Welcome Team greeting people on Sunday mornings and eventually was asked to do an internship with ALIVE. I got to be a part of some really amazing projects (like writing this Blog) and discover some talents I never knew I had. The best part was that I was finally fully committed to my faith. I became a part of a community that pushed me to grow in my faith every day.


The past year of my life has honestly been the best because of becoming alive in Christ and rooting my positiveness in him. Now I am more confident, braver, and happier than I have ever been because of my spark for Christ. I am forever thankful for the people who have helped me along my journey so far and been there to guide me. My ALIVE community always brightens my day whenever I am with them and I could not imagine life without them. If you need a church home or are unsure about this whole faith thing I would highly encourage you coming to First Christian Church in Johnson City (near Target; it’s shaped like a giant Hershey Kiss) because it will change you’re life. I’m there every Sunday now and can honestly say I am the most positive I have ever been because of it. Come visit me in the CLC where I will be most likely holding the door open telling you good morning. Need more info? Just reach out to me! I am always open to making new friends and getting to know people.

Hope you all have a great start to your week! This post was very spontaneous, so sorry if it’s worded weird.



PS- a special shout out is in order for Alexander, Peter, Pai, Brittany, Josh, and Mitchell because you guys have changed my life in ways you’ll never know and I can never be more grateful for all you’ve done for me! Also to the entire staff at FCC & my ALIVE community thank you for all you do for me & so many others.

3 thoughts on “Alive in Faith

  1. So awesome! I’ve heard of the Alive meetings and how friendly all the people are there.

    I loved how you said you want people to see Christ in you because of the way you live out your life, and from the Christian symbols you wear. That’s amazing. When people encounter you, they encounter Jesus. So great! 🙂

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  2. Great testimony! I don’t talk too much about my faith either. I hope that people can see that I am a Christian through my actions and how I carry myself, too. I haven’t been too involved in a specific church since starting college though, but I will definitely look into finding a home church in the tri-cities area.

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