It’s that time of year again. The stores are filling with chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and cards. Single people are reminded of their loneliness and couples are being obscenely and annoyingly cute. Yep, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day.

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It seems like the older I get, the less excited I really am about the whole ordeal. I miss the elementary school days of decorating a shoebox and picking out the best Hannah Montana themed cards with candy or temporary tattoos attached to hand out to my classmates. You’d eat so much sugar and snacks while partying in the class and went home in a crazy candy induced state followed by a serious crash. Those truly were the good ole days. Can we bring that into adulthood? I think it would make this commercialized holiday a little better!

Despite the tradition of purchasing candy and gifts for your significant other, Valentine’s Day is about showing love. But what about those people who have experienced recent heartbreak? I’m not just talking about breaking up with your partner either. Heartbreak comes in many forms. It could be losing a pet or family member, not getting the job you were so confident you were meant for, failing an exam, losing your favorite necklace, having a friend betray you and having to let them go, and so much more. All of these things can make Valentine’s Day less like a holiday and more of a burden. The red and pink plastered packaging on candy and giant stuffed animals can make you wanna puke.

I know the feeling. It seems like recently, I’ve been going through quite a bit of heartbreak. When I think of Valentine’s Day right now, my first instinct is to roll my eyes and be disgusted. I even found an anti-Valentine’s Day playlist that I’ve been listening to at work or as I’m walking around campus. I was definitely letting my various forms of heartbreak get to me. I’m not saying I shouldn’t have, because I am focusing more on accepting my negative emotions and not suppressing them, but I’m realizing I can’t let myself get too far into this heartbreak. I don’t want to let it consume me and stop me from showing the people I do love how much I care! I’ve been working through it all and trying to find the best way to keep positive, and praying a lot for God to show me what to do. Let me tell you, when you ask God to show up, God SHOWS UP in ways you can’t even imagine.

In particular, I felt like I was being pointed to answers in my daily devotionals. I recently impulse-bought Bob Goff’s new book “Live in Grace, Walk in Love.” It’s a 365-day journey that I was a little late to the game on starting at the beginning of the year, but I’m working through starting in February. One of my goals for this year was to read the Bible more and I was hoping this would help. I was reading the other day and the topic was John 15:9, which reads “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” Goff follows up with this statement that smacked me like a ton of bricks:

We can’t avoid it, because we’re all a little broken and we’re bound to get things wrong. Someone will eventually nestle their way into your heart and then let you down. And when they do, you’ll either explode in anger or show a steady stream of love. Be love, so love will flow out when people fail you, just like it flowed from Jesus we He took the fall for us.

Whoa. I read this and felt like God was directly talking to me. It hit on so much of what I’ve been going through and looking for answers on. Isn’t it crazy how God works sometimes? I’d been wondering how to react and keep going and here was God telling me “show love.” Although I haven’t been actively letting my anger take charge of my actions, it definitely has been festering in my mind. This was a good reminder that I should replace that love. A steady stream of love to be exact, which makes me feel better. I often think “how can I show love right now? Does that mean I’m supposed to forgive right away and act like everything is normal?” I don’t think that’s what Goff is saying here. Yes, we should show love, but it doesn’t have to come rushing in like a wave. It can be a steady stream. That was reassuring to me.

All this to say, love can be shown after heartbreak because Jesus took the ultimate fall for us. He showed us the way to live in love and pour that out in all situations. It may take time and be small acts at first, but a steady stream of love can solve anything. I’m excited to continue to see how this book pushes me towards living in grace and walking in love. For now, I know these devotionals are exactly what I needed right now.

So, show some love this Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re single and a little bitter (like me), show some love to your friends, family, pets, or even strangers. You never know how a little act of love can really change someone’s day, and it may make you feel a whole lot better too!

❤ / Bailey


One year. This time last year, I was embarking on a magical journey that would change my life. That’s right folks, it’s been one year since I started my Disney College Program (and I still talk about it every day). It’s crazy to think it’s been that long! I can still remember my Traditions day with that first look at the castle and my first day in DAK with that park arrival music like they were yesterday. Yet so much has changed in just one year.

What surprises me the most is that I still talk about it…all the time. You know those dreaded ice-breakers and introductions you have to do the first week of school? I’ve had a lot of those recently and I mention my program every single time. I didn’t know the DCP could become a personality trait, but it really has. In my Editing class, the professor has us come up with headlines for our life. Mine was “I did the Disney College Program.” When my Argumentation and Debate professor has us introduce ourselves and tell the class what our hobbies were, the only thing that came to my mind was going to Disney World. Yeah, it’s that bad.

So, how does it feel one year later? It’s strange to think it’s been that long. I still use the Disney point and knock twice on every door I go through. There are several habits I picked up from being a Cast Member that I carry with me today. At this point, I don’t think they’re ever going away! That’s just the thing, I think being a Cast Member will always be a part of me. It’s amazing how working at the happiest place on earth for four months can really change a person. I’m thankful for my self-confidence growth, the level of professionalism I acquired, and the drive I now have to go after my dreams and make the world a better place. I owe that and so much more to my DCP. I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about it.

Not to mention, all the great friends I still have from the program. I read a blog post recently called To My DCP Ohana that literally made me tear up thinking about all the dear people that were in MY DCP Ohana. My DCP definitely wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing people that touched my life through the process. I had the best group of co-workers and roommates that a gal could ask for. There are people who I still talk to every single day, those I keep up with on social media, and the people who will always hold a fond memory in my heart. I miss each of them dearly but I am grateful that I met them and will always consider them family. That’s what they are! They made Disney home. Wherever I am in the world, my door will always be open to them.

At this point, I no longer think back at my time at Disney with sadness. I won’t lie, the post-DCP depression was real. It feels less weird to be back in Johnson City and I think I’m getting pretty comfortable with change. Of course, I miss my program, but I think back at it and smile. How lucky I was to have had that experience. Not everyone can say they lived and worked at Disney World. I’m hoping my Disney journey isn’t over yet. As I lean into where God is leading me, I feel like Disney may be back in the journey. We’ll see, but I’m hopeful my days of making magic aren’t quite over yet!

To anyone considering doing the Disney College Program, PLEASE apply! It’s truly the best experience I’ve ever had. Even if you don’t get in on the first try, keep applying each semester. I cannot fully express how much I think everyone should have this experience. One year later, and I am overflowing with thankfulness. In the words of Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

❤ / Bailey

The First Week

It’s here! My final semester of undergrad has arrived! I knew from the getgo that this semester was gonna be big. I have some big classes, big opportunities, and big-time job hunting to do. I was mixed with excitement and nerves as I woke up at 6 am (yes, I have one of THOSE classes) and got ready for my last first day.

To be completely honest, this week has not gone at all how I thought it would. It started with something less than pleasant happening the day before school started that has put me in quite a funk. I honestly can’t remember a time feeling like this and it doesn’t seem to be going away. I can distract myself from it but the moment I have free time it comes crawling up and smacks me right in the feels. So, I’m trying to keep busy and not talk about it much. Despite that already weighing on my shoulders, it’s also been a crazy time working out my schedule! I had to shift around classes, figure out how to make it across the street and across campus in ten minutes to get to my next class and let’s not forget my new 6 am wake up call. Not the most pleasant! That on top of working two jobs has me exhausted. I know it’ll take a little while to find my new rhythm, and when I do I know it’ll feel less tiring. The first week is always that hardest!

Despite the less fortunate pieces of this week, I am excited to see what this semester holds! I’ve got some fun projects, travel opportunities, and classmates and teachers to enjoy the company of. I can see myself being stretched in some really healthy ways that are going to be a great push as I enter the career world. I get to put my editor’s cap back on this semester for an editing class, which I’m excited to tap into that side of myself again! I’m also pumped to be on this year’s National Student Advertising Competition team and see what amazingness we’re able to create. It’s going to be a really great opportunity for growth over the next few months!

Alongside school, this is also the time where I start really thinking about post-grad life. As I listen and pray for discernment, I continuously try to pay attention to those signs God is placing for me to follow. I started applying to positions this week as applications began to open. It may seem a little early to already be applying, but these are some really exciting opportunities that I would be thrilled for the chance to accept. Prayers are gladly appreciated as we see where this leads me!

After the ups and downs, this week has brought, I am reminded of a few things.

1. Be thankful for the people who have your back.

2. It’s okay to point out when you’ve not been treated right. It’s not going to do anybody any good to remain silent and keep getting hurt. If they truly care about you, they’ll be open to hearing you out and do what it takes to make things right. They won’t give up. Forgiveness is a must, but building back trust can take time….if they even try.

3. The spring semester is cold in Tennessee. Being in Dinsey last spring, I forgot just how chilling those 8 am walks across campus can really be!

4. Network, network, network whenever you can!!!

5. Thank you, Starbuck’s for keeping this senior going after 8 am law classes.

6. A weekend spent in a small town with your family does wonders for healing hurt.

Even after a rocky start, I am still excited for what this semester will hold! Here’s to the next few months of learning.

❤ / B


Christmas and new years have come and gone and the start of another semester is looming close. The last semester, to be specific! I’ve finally reached it. Five classes and two exit exams stand between me and my Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication. It’s an exciting time but one where reality is also setting in! While it’s easy to get swept up in the fun things like graduation day festivities and cap decorating, I also have to put a heavier focus on post-grad job opportunities and where I want to see myself living and working.

Luckily for me, I have a lot of support and help from amazingly talented people to help me get through the big stuff. I already have people looking over my resume and LinkedIn to make sure those are looking good, and I’m soaking in all the advice that people can give me. I feel like I have a good sense of where I want to be after graduation, but I’m trying to really lean in on what God’s telling me to do. The right doors will open if I’m brave enough to turn the knob!

As always, I think it’s important to set some goals as I head into a big season of life. It can be easy to get swept up in the busyness of it all, so I want to keep myself in check.

  • Make the Dean’s List one more time. I’ve been able to consecutively make the Dean’s List for the last four semesters, and I’m not about to let senioritis (which is very real) ruin that streak.
  • Only miss class for illness or job interviews – although, a needed mental health day can be granted. I did a good job this past semester with not missing classes, but it was easier because I only had two days a week of classes. This semester I’ll be on campus every day. I have a big lecture class for the first time in a while and I don’t want to fall back into some of the freshman year habits of skipping those where it won’t be noticed. I’m such a verbal learner that it really makes an impact on my performance when I’m not in class.
  • Drink more water! I’m constantly dehydrated, and some of my meds are a cause of that. I need to be more conscious of drinking water and staying hydrated so I don’t get headaches or sick to my stomach.
  • Enjoy being in the moment. As much as I’m preparing for the future, I need to remember to stay present. This is the semester of a lot of “lasts” and I don’t want to look back at the semester regretting missing out on something.
  • Be more aware of my mental health. It’s no secret that the last 6 months have been a struggle for my mental stability. I’ve started developing insomnia thanks to anxiety and overall feeling a lot more paranoid than normal. I think it could be one of the big triggers of my abdominal issues. I want to build healthy mental habits for myself that will hopefully sustain as I continue going through a bunch of changes within the next few months. Overall, I think it would just be healthier for me in the long run. I’ve debated even going to counseling just to help process everything that will be going on to help better suit myself for all that’s to come.

All in all, I’m really excited to start the semester. I’m ready to get back into a scheduled rhythm and see some a lot of my friends that I’ve missed over break! Here’s to the final one. Let’s do this!

❤ / Bailey


Welcome, 2020! It’s one week into the new year and 2020 is already off to quite a start. I started off the new year worshipping with Hillsong alongside 65,000 other 18-25-year-olds at Passion. It was quite the way to countdown to midnight! It was a great event that got me pumped up for everything God has in store for this year.

Honestly, I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions. They’re these goals we all feel really inspired to set when the new year starts, but then forget about when things get busy. You know the usual: lose weight, eat healthier, study more, de-clutter, etc. It’s easy in this season of rest and celebration to come up with all these crazy ideas about how we can change ourselves within the next year. Do we really mean them though? That’s why this year I’m choosing a word, not a resolution.


“Dream” is a big word that can be taken in several ways. It can be where your mind wanders when you sleep, your wildest imaginations for yourself, or a fantasy narrative you’re writing in your head. For those of us who love Disney, it’s a word that comes up a lot. It’s featured in movies, songs, pieces of art, and everything that Walt Disney created. He was working on a dream! For me, I want to allow myself to dream more often.

Now, I’m not talking about sleep kind. I barely remember my sleep dreams anyway and I don’t think there’s any fixing that. For me, I’m focusing on the dreams for my future. 2019 was a big year that opened a lot of doors. I did more things than I ever thought possible. I stepped out of my comfort zone and it paid off in ways that I could have ever imagined.

In the past, I’ve not been confident or brave enough to dream big for myself. I had dreams that I let the world crash down out of anxiety and fear of failure. I’m a perfectionist who never wanted to let anyone down. It was safer to go above and beyond in my comfort zone and not branch out into new things. I let go of so much, and I’m done doing that.

2020 has so many opportunities in store for me to dream big. I’ll be graduating with my B.S. in Media & Communication and starting my “real adult” life! There are so many exciting opportunities that come with that. A lot of them are utterly terrifying to think too deeply about, but that’s exactly why I want to let my dreams crush my fears. I need to be confident in myself and my God that I am capable of doing amazing things. I can dream big because I believe in a God that is able to do BIG things. I need to dream big and believe that those dreams can come true. I have the opportunity to impact the world (wherever God may place me) in such a huge way, and I need to remind myself of that and not let anxiety and panic slow me down.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of new years resolutions, I do want to set a few goals for myself this year.

  1. Get outside more. As a media major and someone who spends the majority of the workday staring at a screen, it could do my body some good to get out every once and a while. I loved working outside when I was at Disney (and all the freckles and tan from that Florida sun) and want to re-engage that. It can be really easy for me to hide inside and not see the sun. Gotta get those vitamins!
  2. Try out intermittent fasting. I’m not one for diet fads, but this one seems legit. Despite helping with weight loss, I’ve read that intermittent fasting can help with my insulin resistance and PCOS problems. Lord knows I need all the help I can get with keeping my insulin down and other PCOS symptoms maintained. As I continue getting older, I need to make sure I’m taking care of my body the best way possible! I’ll be trying the 16/8 method of 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating. We’ll see how that goes!
  3. Look more into becoming a pescatarian/vegetarian. For 2019, one of my goals was to stop eating beef. I’m happy to say I managed to keep that up! The impacts the beef industry has on our planet and the effects beef has on my body just weren’t worth it to me. I don’t even really miss it! Coming from someone who used to eat steak every weekend, this was a major change. Now I look at beef and kind of feel disgusted.
  4. Get a better sense of what exactly it is that I want to do with my career. My major is somewhat broad which leaves more room for me to find my niche. Whether it’s an event planning, copywriting, designing, or account management – advertising and public relations allow for many opportunities! I held an account management position last semester that I really enjoyed, so hopefully this semester I can solidify what the right track is for me.
  5. Realize some people and relationships are better left in the past. This is gonna be a tough one. I really like maintaining long-term friendships. I put a lot of value into relationships with others and time spent together. However, this becomes a problem when I can’t let go of toxicity. My top trait is “developer” so I always see how people can be better and want them to achieve that, but sometimes I just can’t be the person that helps. As much as it sucks, some people need to be left in the past. I’ll always be open to them when needed, but I can’t obsess over hoping things will get better and get hurt in the process. If I keep feeding into things that don’t energize me back, then I’m gonna smack into a wall.

I know 2020 seems to be off on a crazy start in this world. However, I believe God is going to do big things. Each new conflict is sparking something new that needs to happen. I’m keeping positive that 2020 is going to be a big year in good ways! Here’s to this new year and wishing you the best start!

❤ / Bailey


Surprise, I went back to Disney World! I was just as shocked as you probably are. It’s been six months since I left and came back to Tennessee to finish. To be honest, I didn’t think this trip was going to happen. With everything going on at school I didn’t think I could. Thankfully, I was able to take a long weekend to visit the most magical place on earth for a much-needed break!

I’m not gonna lie, it was weird being back. In a lot of ways, it felt like I should still be working there. It was like I never left. Truthfully, a lot has changed since my college program ended. My first day was spent back in my home park – Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This day was special because I got to see so many friends that I’d been missing. The fun part was, most of them had no clue I was coming! It was so fun to surprise them and see their reaction (really glad they hadn’t forgotten about me, that would have been awkward). We walked around seeing as many people as possible at main entrance, watched the stunning Merry Menagerie, saw all the Christmas decorations, at Satou’li Canteen, rode the safari, and spent a chilly day re-connecting. It was definitely weird being there as just a guest and not someone who was on their day off. Whenever I heard someone ask a question, my instinct was to respond or say “happy birthday, princess” to little girls with birthday buttons on. Some things will always be engrained in me!

Besides feeling weird like I should be working, the first day was so good being able to see all of my old co-workers and friends again. I’ve missed seeing them every day! Even though a lot of people aren’t there anymore, I am really glad I got to see everyone who was. The only one who knew I was coming was my DCP twin, Emily, so it was also really fun surprising them. Plus, I got to see Chip and Dale in their dinosaur outfits with CHRISTMAS TOUCHES! How cute?!

The second day was a long one! We started off by hitting Epcot for some Food and Wine Festival goodies. I got the tropical mimosa, Twinnings pumpkin spice chai tea cocktail with caramel vodka, bacon and cheddar soup, and a teriyaki chicken bowl. Everything was DIVINE and it was fun being “of age” in Epcot and getting to experience more of the festival than I have in previous years. We also were very lucky to be able to visit my close friend, Chris, who we’d seen the day before but I was so glad I got to see again!

After a lap around the world, we decided to take a ride on the Skyliner. Luckily, another one of my dear friends from the program was working it so I got to squeeze in a hug before jumping in the gondola. This was the first time I got to go on Skyliner and I was super impressed! What a cool way to travel from park-to-park or resorts. When we got off at the next resort, we made a last-minute decision to jump on and head to Hollywood Studios! We had time to kill before we could go into the Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom and I had yet to see Batuu. So, off we went!

We got there, nabbed some FastPasses for Tower of Terror, and headed straight to Batuu. I’m no Star Wars fan, but it was super cool to see! Another one of Disney’s immersive lands done right. We even got to see Chewbacca and some Storm Troopers just walking around doing their thing! From there, we looked at all the Christmas decorations and took a walk through Toy Story Land. We headed to Sunset Blvd. for my first ever ride on Tower of Terror. Since I have a rather intense fear of elevators, this ride seemed like a nightmare! But, as a big fan of The Twilight Zone I decided I needed to finally take a ride. The theming was amazing!! I wasn’t a huge fan of the feeling of my brain hitting my skull with each drop, but it was fun. I don’t know if I’ll ride it again, but maybe if I take some ibuprofen ahead of time it’ll be better! It didn’t cure my fear of elevators though.

After that, it was time for the big event! Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom. Most people who know me know that I LOVE Christmas. Yet I had never been to Disney World at Christmas time! This party shattered any expectations I had! It was AMAZING. From the minute walking in and seeing the Christmas tree on Main St. I was in awe. There were lights, decorations, and Christmas music at every turn! Not to mention, free cookies and hot chocolate! I dawned my Christmas ears and wreath earrings and was truly living my best life! How could I not be?

We started off with a ride on Small World (much to my dismay), then hit up a couple of cookie locations. We got to meet the seven dwarves, the hundred-acre woods friends in their adorable Christmas outfits, and it wouldn’t have been a Christmas party in Disney without stopping by and seeing the old boss! Took the wildest ride in the wilderness with no wait, ate lots of cookies, took lots of pictures, and by the end of it we were dragging ourselves to the bus to go home. It was a long one, but one of the best days!

13 consecutive hours, 3 parks, and 27,733 steps later we were filled with Christmas joy but also dead to the world. Not to mention, the next day we’d be taking that 12-hour drive back home! It was 1000% worth it and a trip that my soul needed. I needed a break from school craziness and work, and was ready to visit my second home! I really leaned into my enneagram 7-ness and took a trip on a whim that was the best. Reminds me I don’t have to make sure every moment is planned out!

Other than being over the moon about seeing friends and visiting the parks, the trip also reminded me how much I’d love to make my career at Disney. As I’ve been trying to figure out where I want to be post-grad in May and weighing my options, I’m leaning in and listening to where I need to be. Working for Disney and being able to make advertising magic would be a dream! More and more it seems like I’m being pointed that way. Wherever I do end up, whether it’s back at Disney or not, I will always make sure to keep the magic alive and spread joy in every circumstance.

All in all, it was a festive, magical trip! I’ve been back in school reality for one week and I’m already itching to go back. We’ll see how long that lasts! Maybe next time I’ll be returning as a cast member.

MERRY CHRISTMAS (it’s never too early to have festive spirit)

❤ / Bailey


I registered for my last semester of college today…and I have no clue how to feel! I know I say this a lot, bu this year is just flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was moving to Orlando to do the Disney College program, but at this point I’ve been home for a longer amount of time than I was there. With all the senior year busy-ness and things to do, I haven’t gotten much time to sit down and write for myself (most of my writing energy is spent on my Writing for Radio, TV, & Film class), but in this moment I feel like I need to mentally process.

I’m almost done with college. I only have two classes required to graduate, but I have to maintain 15 credit hours for my scholarship so I registered for five classes next semester. I am stoked to have been asked to be a part of the National Student Advertising Competition team for next semester (plus the added bonus of it filling up some of those 15 credit hours) and working with what I’m sure will be an amazing group of students! Along with that, I’ll be taking Communication Law (probably the class that scares me the most, especially at 8 am), Practical Reasoning, Solving the Puzzle of Life, and Editing. Those classes and two exit exams are the only thing in the way of me and that fancy piece of paper that says I know things!

At this point, I’m having mixed feeling about graduating. I am SO excited to be going into a career field that I love and am so passionate about, but I also feel the ever-growing presence of adulthood looming over my shoulder. Not to mention, all of this comes with a whole lot of decisions to make within the next few months. Do I move somewhere bigger like Knoxville, Nashville, or Charlotte? Do I go back to Orlando and return to work for Disney? How many Disney Professional Internships do I want to apply for? Do I really want to go so far away from my family?

It’s a lot for a gal to think about!

I’m having to constantly remind myself that there is time to figure it all out. I need to make intentional space to relax and enjoy the fun things that come with being in college while I can. I won’t be able to get this time in my life back, so I need to really cherish it while I can! Go to club meetings, go on trips, say yes to hanging out with friends more often, and stop getting inside my own head!

The thing that brings me peace is knowing that God will put me right where I need to be. I’m leaning in and trying to listen hard as to just where God is telling me to be. If Disney is the move, doors will open, and if somewhere else is the path then I’ll follow. I’ve been so fortunate to already have so many amazing experiences and teachers in my life that have given me the tools to be successful. They will also always be there for me and I am so thankful for their influence in my life. I know the department of Media and Communication was exactly where I was supposed to be and I’ll always be tied to them no matter where I end up. Seriously, the best people are in that department! I couldn’t be dreaming this big and knowing I’m ready to take on the world without them.

Between school, working two jobs, and planning for the future, it’s been a busy season of life! I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon but I’m along for the ride and will keep pushing forward. I have been able to squeeze in some fun into senior year! My DCP twin, Emily, came to visit me and I gave her the grand tour of small town southern living. We carved pumpkins, watched Hocus Pocus, visited downtown Johnson City, went to the Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk, and finished the weekend off with a stop at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Asheville before heading to the airport. Plus, many good food stops in between. What good East Tennessean would I be if I didn’t have her experience Pal’s? I went to Dollywood with my mom and sister to see the pumpkin lights and get in my missing fix of ride adrenaline, visited my grandparents for some much needed Mam-Maw home cooking, and spent to re-connecting with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

It’s a complex season of life I’m in, but one that is reminding me to be present and thankful. I’m thankful for every opportunity I get to spend time with friends and family, thankful for my professors that believe in me and the great things I can do, and overall just thankful for each new day. While I’m trying to strike that balance between planning for the future and enjoying the now, I’m milking what I can out of this phase of life. It’s a busy one, but one I’m thankful for nonetheless.

I hope whatever season of life you may be in you’re able to find the joy and space to create some happiness!

❤ / Bail