Just the Beginning | The Fall Internship

Hello, friends! Part of what I’ll be writing about for the next few months, along with my usual content on this blog, will be discussing my fall semester internship. I’m super excited to be back on campus in school this semester and am equally happy to be doing an internship. I did an internship with the Disney College Program last semester with merchandise, but am excited to intern in a new capacity with a company back at home.

So, what will I be doing? I was approached by the owner of Trinity Arts Center in Johnson City (I am actually an alum of their dance program) and asked if I’d be interested in working with them on some social media and photography. This is a company that I considered my second home for many years, so I immediately said yes at the option to be around again.

It’s weird going back to somewhere you haven’t been in a long time, especially where you spent the majority of your teenage free time. However, I think it will make me even more passionate about what I’m doing. It’s easy for me to feel really connected with a company and want to share their story. Trinity Arts Center is a music, dance, and visual arts school. It is “a community of Christian artists using their talents to teach, perform, and connect.”

I met with the owner and we came up with some goals that he wanted to reach with their social media and ideas I had on increasing their reach and engagement. Some of the main goals were:

  1. Celebrate our people. Highlighting teachers, students, and alumni of Trinity Arts Center.
  2. Build credibility in what we do. Show the community that everyone at Trinity is super knowledgable about their art forms.
  3. Advertise events & provide good information. There are annual shows, recitals, and other community events that we want to make people more aware of and sharing with their friends.
  4. Overall, build a community presence online.

Right now, the goal is posting three times a week on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll be tracking engagement and analytics to see what’s working and determine what can be done differently. If things are going well, maybe branching out into Twitter and other social media platforms could be in the mix. I will be taking pictures for posts, writing captions, and tracking interaction with every post. There is a really big Disney Instagram community that I loved getting involved with last semester, so I’m excited to be taking a deeper social media dive from a company standpoint.

Here’s to this semester and all that will be learned! Oh, and follow @trinityartscenter on Instagram!!

❤ / Bailey

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