I still can’t believe it. I’m having trouble grasping the fact that I’m officially moved into my Disney apartment and am a Walt Disney World cast member. I have been dreaming of this day for so long, and it’s actually here! As I know I’ve had a lot of people ask about how things are going, let’s talk about week one.

I started the drive to Orlando on Saturday, January 12th. It wasn’t the easiest start as I had gotten my car all loaded the night before, we were ready to go, and then my car wouldn’t start…yeah, not good! I had just had my car at the shop all week having it looked over to make sure it could survive the trip and then it died. Luckily, we were able to jump start it and get on the road. That day we drove into Savannah, GA to spend the night. We got up Sunday morning and hit the road for another 4 hours to get into Orlando.

Then, Monday morning it was time to go check into my apartment! I had a 10 am check-in time so we left the hotel around 9:20 in order to get around Orlando traffic. We got there a few minutes early but they let us in any way. I got parked and then took all of my paperwork inside our complexes clubroom where I got my key to my apartment, my housing ID, and my parking decal. It was a pretty quick process and then it was off to move my stuff in. I had Casting the same day at 1:30, so I only had about two hours to get everything in my room and somewhat set up. I quickly got everything inside and where I needed it and before I knew it, it was time for Casting.

Casting was a pretty easy process, but long. We took the bus from our complex to the casting building. We had to get fingerprinted, get pictures for another ID, and present documentation for our 1-9 (for me, that was just my driver’s license and social security card). It took about an hour and a half, and at the end, we were given a Mickey Mouse sticker and went on our way.

The best part about Casting was the actual building itself! It is such a magical place. The door knobs to get inside are the ones from Alice in Wonderland, they have paintings from Alice in Wonderland and various movies painted on the walls. Everyone was so friendly and excited to be there. It made a monotonous task more enjoyable!

Overall, the first few days have been going well! I’m settled into my new home for the next four months and ready to start this new adventure. I want to take a moment to acknowledge my amazing parents. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to do my best. Thank you for driving with me all the way to Florida and dealing with my anxious anger. Thank you for being my number one support. Without you two, I wouldn’t be able to chase my dream. I’ll miss you and see you soon.

❤ / Bail

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