It’s finally here, the first day of December! The jolliest month of the year filled with candy canes, great movies, the best music, warm blankets, and twinkling lights. Something about this time every year just fills my heart with joy. People seem to be in good spirits (well, ignoring finals week because that’s a biased week) and want to spread cheer to those around them. It’s just a good time of year, and for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved it. I even wrote a whole essay about it when we had a state writing exam in middle school that required us to write about our favorite holiday!

However, this Christmas may mean a little more than most. I’m excited for Christmas but I also know that soon after I’ll be moving to Disney World! That’s also a very exciting thing, but it does mean that Christmas will likely be the last time I see a lot of my family and friends for a while and trust me when I say that I am not good at goodbyes. I’m actually really dreading it. I’ve always found goodbyes to be a really hard thing, despite having a lot of practice with them. I don’t think anyone finds them particularly easy. but for me, I find myself getting really attached to those around me and I don’t want to leave and potentially let the relationship weaken. I know this is probably the anxiety-ridden side of my brain telling me that I’ll lose friends by leaving and I try not to dwell on it, but when I think about actually saying goodbye it tends to rear its ugly head.

Despite the lurking goodbyes that will follow, I’m still really excited to make this an amazing Christmas. I want to see as many people as possible to get in time with the ones I love before I say goodbye for a while. I want to be really intentional about spending time with people in real life and not just over the phone. This is a great time of year to really spend time with people and make some amazing memories. So, here are some suggestions on fun things you can do with the ones you love this Christmas season:

  • Go ice skating (I’ve actually never done this due to the fact that my mother thought I’d break a leg if I did, but I REALLY want to).
  • Drive around a night looking at people’s houses. No, not in a creepy stalker way, look at their Christmas lights! One memory I have from when I was younger is riding around nearby neighborhoods with my dad and sister looking at everyone’s festive lights. One house even had their own radio station that if you turned to would match the dancing lights!
  • Have a movie night! Pick out your favorite Christmas movies (One of my favorites is Snowglobe if you need a recommendation), pull out the softest blankets you can find, pop some popcorn, brew some hot chocolate and have a cozy night in with some of your favorite people.
  • Go sledding! If you live somewhere that is getting snow, please go sledding. I don’t care how old you are. I will always love sledding. There’s just something so fun about sliding down a hill on a plastic saucer and eventually landing face first in the freezing snow. If you live in the country you could even consider hooking your sled up to the back of a four-wheeler with a rope for some extreme speed!
  • Watch a Christmas parade. I’m pretty sure every town has a Christmas parade, so gather your friends and go watch one! You may even get some free candy out of it.
  • Throw a Christmas party. What’s better than just getting your favorite people together all in one place, eating festive food, listening to music, and seeing where the night goes? Maybe even have a contest for the best Christmas outfit and go caroling. It’s bound to be a good time.
  • Bake some cookies together! This is quite possibly the best time of year to bake some cookies, pour a glass of milk (almond, soy, or regular. Whatever floats your boat!)

I hope this gives you some inspiration to be intentional about spending time and making memories with the ones you love this Christmas! If you’re reading this & are one of my friends, please let me know when we can hang out this season. I want to spend time with everyone before I leave.

❤ / Bailey

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