The People and Places I’m Thankful for

Ahh, Thanksgiving. I have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to this holiday. It’s a day to be thankful and eat all of the delicious food that you can stuff safely inside your body. However, for college students, it is also a last hoorah before finals kick in and our lives get devoted to the closest library. Anyone not in college probably starts to feel the busyness of the Christmas season kick in around Thanksgiving too. Despite the lingering stress, it is a good day to relax and be with the ones you are thankful for. That is what the holiday is all about, right? In honor of that, I want to dedicate this post to some of the people and places I’m thankful for. This in no way includes everything I’m thankful for (that would take days upon days of writing that I don’t have) but it’s a good summary.

My sister, Mallory. It just so happens that this holiday is also very close to my younger sister’s birthday. What a great few days of celebrating! My sister is someone who I am very thankful for. We’re only 18 months apart in age, which means she’s basically my built in (some might say forced) best friend. She’s someone who I can always laugh with, ask for fashion advice, dance to the Mamma Mia soundtrack with, and someone who can call me out when I’m being a baby. Thank you for being my built-in best friend. I lava you!

My parents, Pam and Bart. The people who gave me my name, my DNA, and my life. Without the two of them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. They support me through school, encourage me to do my best, and push me to go after my dreams. I don’t have all the right words to totally thanks my parents for everything they have done and continue to do for me. I just hope I make them proud and that they know how much I love them!

My extended family. The Walkers & the DeVores are some extraordinary people. Even though we may not get to see each other as much as we’d like, I’m thankful for every laugh shared, delicious food eaten, hug given, and love spread. Y’all are the best!

The Dory to my Squishy, Sarah. I’m so thankful for that day in 7th grade when we were sat at the same table in Mrs. Cromie’s Geography class. From Wellness class snacks, to dance classes, to sleepovers filled with Very Potter Musical, to HSM car jam sessions, and all the Menchie’s dates in between. I could not be more thankful for your friendship. Thank you for always being there for me, providing endless laughter and love, and being the person you are. I thank God for you always.

My coworkers at FCC. You all bring so much joy and love to my everyday life! I feel so lucky to be able to work with such amazing people who help me grow and put what I’m learning in school to use. You all have affected my life more than you’ll ever know, and I’m eternally grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. You people are the best and have become some of my closest friends! Also, the whole FCC congregation is just an amazing group of people.

My CC gals. Things may not have ended the way we would have liked last year, but you all still mean so much to me. I’m thankful for all the laughs and good times we’ve shared, and continue to share! Let’s have a reunion soon. Christmas gettogether?!

My professors & classmates. I’m not gonna lie when I was graduating high school I wasn’t thrilled to be going to ETSU. Now that I’m there, there’s no school I’d rather be at! I absolutely love everyone in the media + communications department, the professors I have who have helped me learn so much and increased my confidence that I’m in the right field of study, and the classmates who help keep me sane. There’s never really a day where I dread going to school, and for that, I’m very thankful.

My TAC family. Trinity Arts Center will always feel like another home to me. Although a large majority of us may have gone in different directions, I will always carry the sweet memories we share in my heart!

Those I’ve lost. Even though you may no longer be here with me on Earth, I’m thankful for those who are watching over me from Heaven.

EVERYONE I KNOW. You have all affected my life in one way or another, and for that, I will always be thankful. Each person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing is a blessing.

I’m thankful for everything and everyone that God has placed in my life. I am undoubtedly blessed in every way! I can’t even begin to imagine the amazing things to come that I know I’ll be thankful for. The world we live in is crazy, so it’s important to take time to reflect on the things we are thankful for. Make sure to tell someone how much they mean to you this Thanksgiving!

❤ / Bailey

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