June in Review

It’s a new month and you know what that means? A monthly favorites post! Firstly though, I cannot believe how fast this year seems to be flying by! I’ve already been planning out Halloween costumes & looking forward to the Christmas season. The month of June went by in the blink of an eye, and that’s probably because of how busy I was! I started and internship working 14 hours a week, worked my retail job 15-20 hours a week, went on vacation for a week, and oh yeah I turned 19! This month was packed full and there were lots of things I loved so I adjust going to jump right into it.

Fitbit Alta: One of the wonderful things that my parents got me for my birthday this year was my Fitbit Alta that I have been wanting. I love being able to track my activity, get texts, & track my sleep super easy. It has inspires me to move more and just generally maintain a healthier day-to-day life.

HP Sprocket: I FINALLY GOT AN HP SPROCKET!! If you don’t know what a sprocket is, it is an adorable portable printer that connects to your phone via the Sprocket app and allows you to print photos off of your phone. You can edit the photos to add filters, cute stickers, frames, and a lot more! It uses zero ink technology and the paper is sticky back which means you can just peal off the photos and stick them anywhere you want. It is honestly the cutest thing I own right now. I’m old-fashioned and like to have hard copies of things instead of just digitally, so the Sprocket is the perfect thing for me.

Riverdale: Why yes, I did binge watch the entirety of Riverdale season one on Netlfix in two days. I LOVED IT! It’s a very cheesy high school murder drama, but it is done beautifully. Every episode has a new twist and it is a classic twist on murder drama TV shows. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing one of their favorite childhood actors grown up? (I’m talking about you Cole Sprouse!)

BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyes palette: I recently discovered bh cosmetics because we started selling it at the store I work at. It is a British based, cruelty-free cosmetics company that sells affordable cosmetics. Their Neutral Eyes palette is amazing. It is filled with 28 beautiful shades that don’t crease bad and have great pigmentation. It was also only $12.50! You can’t go wrong with that.

Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee: I’m a big fan of all iced coffees and cold brews, but frozen coffee has changed the game! I prefer all my drinks to be ice-cold and making it frozen just takes that to a whole new level.

Scruples Twisted: There is a very intense love-hate relationship between me and my crazy curly hair. I love that it is unique and different, but it took many years of trial and error to figure out how to keep it sane. This past year I finally found a product that tames my curls and keeps them looking good all day long. Scruples has a curl defining product called Twisted that I cannot go a day with out. If you have curly hair you need to try this product. You’ll thank me later!

Peanut Butter M&M’s: They’re delicious chocolate peanut butter filled goodness! Need I say more?

To be quite honest, June wasn’t the best month. I haven’t been happy at work, with friends, and general day-to-day life seems to be throwing curve balls my way. I’ve been ina sort of emotional roller coaster dealing with loneliness. I missed out on some family events due to work, my best friend from Montana found out he wasn’t going to be able to move back to Tennessee this year like they had planned, I started feeling less and less included in the church crowd that I so badly wanted to be a part of, and I just started to feel kind of isolated from all my friends in general. I am starting to get my head back in to a better place, and I realized I just need to turn to God when I have feeling like this. I go through phases where I feel like I’m always second choice and nobodies number one, but God made me to be his number one! He has plans for me and will put the right people in my life who need to be there. I need to trust God even in the states of loneliness I find myself in over and over again. In order to get these deep friendships and relationships I crave I need to trust God and pray over these relationships. I’ve been doing better the last few weeks & trust that things will brighten up as long as I keep trusting.



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