Good Friday, Good Thoughts

For Christians, Good Friday is a very important day. It is the day that we recognize Jesus’ death by crucifixion. When you stop to think about it in more depth, the name “Good Friday” doesn’t really seem to be fitting for the scenario. What is so good about the son of God being killed for doing nothing wrong? There was a plan that had been set out long before this happened to where this horrible event could be turned in to a life-changing positive.

It started when God decided to send his only son down to Earth in the form of a human. The reason he did this was so that we could connect with Jesus. Jesus was human, he experienced the pain we do, he walked on the same Earth that we do, and he knows what we go through. God made it easier for us to feel connected with him and his son by sending him to live like we do. He was a perfect person and still endured the same pain and suffering as us far from perfect people. Through it all he remained trustworthy in God that he would use him for something more and pull him out of the negative circumstances.

Jesus trusted God even when he was arrested and sentenced to hang on a cross. Talk about hanging (no pun intended) on to positive thoughts! Jesus knew that God had a bigger plan for him, and that because of his sacrifice we will have eternal forgiveness. Now you have basically no argument for not being positive. No matter what situation you may be going through, just remember that even when Jesus (who had done NOTHING wrong) was hanging on the cross dying a horrible death he clung on to the promise that God had something better in store and would turn this in to something positive. If that’s not a reason to be positive then I don’t know what is!

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and a very happy Easter! Remember to stay positive.



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