Underrated Holidays

One of the things that keeps me upbeat and positive is holidays. I love celebrating holidays! I think it stems from my love of planning things and from my holiday loving family that I grew up with. My absolute favorite holiday is definitely Christmas, but you can’t underestimate the lesser celebrated days like St. Patty’s Day, 4th of July, and Groundhog’s Day. One of those underrated holidays in particular happens to be this week and that is Saint Patrick’s Day. It may not seem that exciting to you, but if you get involved it can give you something to look forward to and stay positive about. Holidays are a great excuse to get together with friends and have fun! Here are a few simple things you can do to make the most of this St. Patrick’s Day. (Most of these ideas are specifically St. Patty’s Day related but can be applied to any Holiday of your choosing.)

1. Wear something green! The whole pinching people who aren’t wearing green thing may seem lame, but it gets you in the spirit of things to dress for the occasion.

2. Spread some holiday cheer. Spreading holiday cheer isn’t just for Christmas! Make someone else’s day a little brighter by baking some treats or making cards. When I was in Charleston over Spring Break there was a guy dressed as a leprechaun handing out St. Patrick’s day necklaces and shirts and it definitely made people smile! Don’t forget to treat your self too.




3. Decorate your room/house for the occasion. Make your everyday living stand out a little by decorating. It doesn’t take much to make a room festive! Changes things up from every day life.




4. Go to Savannah, GA. If you ever get the chance to go to Savannah, GA during the St. Patrick’s celebrations, GO. It is the best place to celebrate. The party is everywhere and everyone seems so happy! I went a few years ago and let’s say I will definitely be back in the future. Follow the holiday joy!


2013 Savannah parade


5. Host a party. Holiday’s are always a great excuse to get a group of friends together. Set out some food, turn on some music, and just have a good time!

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?




2 thoughts on “Underrated Holidays

  1. I’ve never celebrated many holidays to be honest. I didn’t experience the Christmas spirit until last year for the first time. My favorite holiday to celebrate is 4th of July though because of the fireworks and cookouts. It’s a great day to celebrate with family and celebrate the independence of this country!

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