When Trying Hard Fails.

It all started lasted Wednesday. I took my mom to the doctor because she was super dizzy and couldn’t drive herself, and the doctor diagnosed her with the flu. I brought her home and immediately went straight to Target to buy three tubs of disinfectant wipes, a huge can of Lysol disinfectant spray, two tubs of hand sanitizer, adult immune system gummy vitamins, and  anything else I could possibly think of to protect myself from getting sick. I was trying my absolute hardest to not get ill in any way!

It seemed to be going okay until Friday night when I started to get a cough and hadn’t slept the night before. I went to work on Saturday for my nine hour shift feeling like absolute crap but knowing I would have to power through it because they needed me due to being short staffed on a busy weekend. I brought a giant cup of water, box of tissues, and huge bag of cough drops with me and began my day as a style specialist.

Accurate representation of what it feels like to have the flu! (from pinterest.com)

To be completely honest I think going to my long shift is actually what did me in. Rather than being smart and calling in sick when I actually did feel like crap I decided to tough it out and I nearly worked myself to exhaustion. When I got home I could barely drag myself up the stairs and flopped in to bed. I decided it might be a good idea to take my temperature and low and behold it was 101 degrees. I finally realized it might be time for me to focus on myself and my health rather than worrying about others and the things I had to get done. I went to Urgent Care yesterday, Sunday, and was tested positive for type A flu. Now I am quarantined until Friday at the earliest which isn’t ideal because I am a social person who gets energy from being around people.


I have realized though that I am custom to pushing myself way too hard sometimes. I am someone who typically puts the needs and expectations of others above my own and I am beginning to realize that could have a serious down side. It is good that I give everything my all and want to help everyone to the best of my ability but I definitely need to step back  when I feel overwhelmed and either ask for a break or ask for some help! Trying really hard is something I consider to be a positive trait until it runs you down; I can’t be helpful or useful when I have completely run myself down! I tend to burn myself out and this time my consequence happened to be the flu. I’m staying positive knowing that I now have some time to rest and focus on my health and getting back to normal.

(image from Pinterest)

Hopefully none of you all are sick because this is absolutely horrible! I can’t hear very well because my ears are clogged, I haven’t slept in four days because I can’t breathe, and my cough is gnarly. I don’t want anyone else to experience this and I am sorry if you are! Hope you all had a great Monday & enjoy the last few days of February!! This post took me way too long. Having the flu makes blogging very difficult so I’m gonna go lay down now.



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