From the moment we come in to this world we start having experiences. These experiences turn to memories which become stories that you can tell those around you. Stories are what we learn from. Whether a memory is good or bad we learn something from it and there is always a positive; which I know is sometimes really hard to see. To prove that statement i’m gonna start this out deep and talk about one of my least favorite, but most influential, memories. When I was in the sixth grade I lost one of the most important people in my life. bobby

My uncle passed away unexpectedly on May 6, 2010. Just typing that made my stomach drop to my knees six years later. He was undoubtedly my favorite person in the world. He could make me smile no matter what mood I was in and he supported me in every single dream that I had. Then, in the blink of an eye he was gone. I still remember the day I found out so vividly that it almost feels like yesterday. As of this day it is the worst memory I have. It took me a really long time to even consider that something positive could come from this. The one positive thing that sticks out is that I will never again take a person’s presence in my life for granted. It’s extremely true that you don’t know how much a person impacts your life until they aren’t around anymore.

I didn’t get a chance to tell my uncle how important he was and I never want that to happen to anyone else in my life.  Now I am trying to follow in his footsteps of encouragement and kindness. It seems like the world could use a little more brightness these days and I want to help spread that.  As a busy college student it’s hard to stay upbeat all the time but I am trying my best and sharing what I’ve learned along the way.



P.S. his daughter, my cousin, has some really cute kids so I just have to show you all some pictures of them! (Dylan is two and Noah was born just a few days ago on January 25, 2017)

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